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Terms & Conditions

All quotations are made and all work is undertaken subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions, Trevor Burn Fencing is abbreviated to TBF.

Workmanship and Materials Quality
Force Majeur
Ownership of Materials
Storage of Materials and Equipment



It is the responsibilty of the customer to identify all underground and above ground services before the commencement of work. The customer must make TBF aware of all such services before work starts.

The footprint or staked layout of any fencing shall be provided by the customer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to agree with affected neighbours as to the layout and height of any fencing.


The quoted or agreed price of work can be revised by TBF in response to cost increases that are beyond the control of TBF.

The TBF price assumes normal ground conditions without hard obstruction and unobstructed access to the work area.

TBF quotes have a lifespan of 40 days.

Unless otherwise agreed, settlement shall take place within 14 days of work completion.

Any variation from the original specification requested my the customer may bring about a price change.


The customer is required to send a 'notice of cancellation' in writing via post or email. Notice of cancellation by post is to be taken to have been given on the day on which it was posted. Notice of cancellation by email is to be taken to have been given on the day on which it is sent. Notice shall be sent to:


Trevor Burn Fencing,
Bowes Close,
Bishop Auckland,
County Durham DL14 0NX.

On cancellation, the customer shall be under a duty to allow TBF access to materials and equipment and in the meanwhile to retain possession of the materials and equipment and take reasonable care of them.

All materials obtained and hired by TBF for a job, prior to cancellation, shall be paid for by the customer.

Workmanship and Materials Quality

The customer is requested to examine the work as soon as reasonably possible after completion and notify TBF of any fault or damage as soon as reasonably possible. If a customer is dissatisfied with workmanship or materials within 7 days of job completion, then TBF will send a representitive to inspect the job. TBF is not liable for refunds or replacement, or for your costs in returning the goods to us, if the goods have been mistreated, accidentally damaged or have been used in a capacity for which they are not designed.

Force Majeur

TBF shall not be liable for any work delay or damage to materials due to circumstances beyond TBF control. These circumstanes include industrial action, disputes, fire, explosion, extreme weather conditions, geological disruption, late or non-delivery by suppliers.

Ownership of Materials

All materials shall remain the property of TBF until full payment has beed made by the customer and has been cleared by any Bank.

In non-payment circumstances, TBF may enter the customer property to recover materials and equipment.

Storage of Materials and Equipment

TBF may request that the customer stores some materials and equipment.


TBF will not be held responsible for any disputes, legal actions, repairs, and costs which are incured due to the failure of the customer to comply with our Terms of Conditions. Any costs incurred by TBF due to customer breach of the Terms and Conditions will be passed to the customer.

If any of our Terms and Conditions are deemed to be unfair, then that term shall be removed from these Terms and Conditions and will not affect the remaining Terms and Conditions.

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